Whatsapp Automation using Python

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Categories Python
  • Duration 42m 09s

Course Prerequisite(s)


Learn about WhatsApp automation from scratch using Selenium Module. We will see how to make a chatbot for WhatsApp, how to send photos and videos using Python on WhatsApp, and the basics of selenium so that you can understand every line of code. And also we will see how to access all the sections of any website using Python Selenium.

What Will I Learn?

  • You'll be able to send bulk messages
  • Automated Media Send
  • Any Browser Control

Topics for this course

5 Lessons42m 09s


Downloading Modules and Drivers2:05
Basics of Selenium8:19

Whatsapp Automation

Final Assessment


Material Includes

  • Source Code


  • Python 3.6 or above
  • Any Python IDLE
  • Internet Connection
  • One Whatsapp Account
  • Selenium Module

Target Audience

  • Anyone who is interested to send messages using Selenium Module.