Python MatplotLib Module for Data Visualization

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  • Categories Python
  • Duration 02h 20m


Matplotlib is a python library used for Data Visualization. You can create bar-plots, scatter-plots, histograms, and a lot more with matplotlib.

Data Visualization is an essential component of a Data Scientist’s skill set. It is extremely necessary to show the insights found from the analysis of the data in the form of beautiful, aesthetic graphs and this is where matplotlib comes to our rescue.

What Will I Learn?

  • One step to Data Science
  • Able to plot any kind of Plot with Real-life Data
  • Draw 3 Dimensional Live Plot

Topics for this course

19 Lessons02h 20m


Add Title Labels3:02
Plot with Multiple Conditions and Use of Legend5:44
Different Plotting Styles4:00
Save Plots As Image or PDF2:21

Bar Plots

Different Types of Plots


Codes used in this Course


Material Includes

  • Source Code


  • Internet Connection
  • Any Python IDLE should be installed

Target Audience

  • New to Data Science Field
  • Want to Learn Data Visualization